The Life Of A Bride To Be: The Finish Line Is Near

How in the world did “we have 8 months to go” turn into “we have 8 WEEKS to go!”? Time seriously does fly when you’re planning a wedding. Looking back, it hasn’t been the stressful disaster that so many people describe wedding planning to be! Do you want to know what I think the secret is? Choosing the right vendors. It truly makes all of the difference when you know you have vendors that you can trust with the biggest day of your life.

When you think about it, this is the most extravagant (don’t kill me for using this word) party that you will ever throw in your life! The day is all about you and your spouse, and being able to find the right florist or planner that you can fully rely on for such a big day is an accomplishment in itself. I sincerely believe that finding these people is half the battle of the stress that comes along with planning a wedding day. Anytime I have a moment of doubt, thinking about what could go wrong, I remember that these individuals are the ones that are making sure everything goes right!

For example, earlier this week our fabulous photographer, Jenn Wagner, emailed me to see if I had some time to chat about our timeline. I hopped on a call right away, dreading some terrible news that could ruin my big day. From day one, I’ve wanted a traditional ceremony; a first look was totally out of the question for me. However, Jenn explained that since our ceremony ends as the sun is setting, that we might need to either do all of our photos inside or consider a first look. Jenn knew how I felt about keeping the tradition alive and told me our photos would be just as lovely even if we didn’t go the first look path. After talking it out with her, I realized that I would much rather have spectacular photos with the fantastic views our venue offers than uphold a tradition for some unknown reason. Jenn was never pushy nor persuasive; she wants our day to be a special celebration that we envisioned. That’s the kind of vendor you want to find, one that listens and makes your dream wedding come true!

There will be hiccups along the way, even moments when you think, “why didn’t we just elope?”. The end is finally in sight and from what I can tell, it will all be worth it! Finally being able to see all of the details come together is one of the most rewarding parts of planning a wedding. This is the fun part! The bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding gifts and so much love surrounding you. Even getting the mail is exciting because you know under all those bills and coupon books there could be an RSVP from your childhood best friend telling you she can make it to your big day! I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams surrounded by our loved ones, seeing all of the months of planning finally come together in the most perfect celebration. Also, I know you all can’t wait to see the floral designs that Kevin has created! We’ll be sure to post them a few weeks after the wedding chaos has died down.

Real Wedding: Tara & Jeff

There is something simply perfect about April in the valley! The weather is ideal and everyone loves to take advantage of the warm days and cool, breezy nights. Tara and Jeff picked a beautiful April day to get married at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. The bride’s bouquet complimented springtime in Arizona with green mini succulents paired with white garden roses, blush spray roses, and light pink tulips. These pastel tones were carried throughout the floral designs and really popped in the reception! Trumpet vases were the focal point of the reception tables, accented with white hydrangea, blush roses, white lisianthus and light pink tulips with succulent accents. The day was pure elegance and we were so honored to be a part of it. Brittany Janelle Photography captured the gorgeous photos below.

Vendor Feature: Makeup By Heather Wilson

This month, we took some time to talk with one of our favorite makeup artists, Heather Wilson! An artist is truly the best way to describe her, she is so very talented and guaranteed to glam up your wedding day. Check out some of her gorgeous brides in the images below and read the interview to get some great ideas on bridal beauty.

Can you start by giving us a brief description of your experience with brides and passion for makeup?
I went to school to be a graphic designer, so art and painting has always been a passion! I have been doing makeup for over 20 years, and I have been working with brides for over 15 of those! I love helping people look their best versions of themselves on their wedding day!

chaou with annabelle 3

Bridal beauty is one of our favorite topics! What are the most important things brides can do to make sure they feel beautiful on the big day?
Be honest with your makeup artist about how much makeup you normally wear! Yes, have photos of what you are thinking, but be realistic about does the model look like you, and allow the makeup artist to tweak the look for your coloring and face shape. I want your friends, family, and most importantly- your spouse to recognize you on your wedding day! I work in print and television daily, so if you want to look your best in the photos, trust me! I know what it takes to have you pop in photos, while your makeup wears all day, and you still feel like you!

When should brides start prepping their skincare routine?
You should be taking care of your skin as soon as you think a ring is coming! You not only want to look your best for those engagement photos, but you want to set a good routine prior to the big day! That doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money with facials. It just means finding a skin care system that works for you, and drinking tons of water!

What are your favorite makeup brands?
I use a lot of industry products that you may not have ever heard of…. Senna Cosmetics, Ingot, Make Up For Ever, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown as well as many others!

Kendall 1-0012

How necessary is the right Glam Squad on the wedding day?
You need a team that works in synchronicity. Your wedding day should be relaxing…. not adding to what can already be an emotional day! The right team will work together, timing your make-up and hair transitions smoothly and ultimately allow for the bride and her bridal party to look flawless. If you know you are a crier or are susceptible to heat, ask if your makeup artist will stay through the wedding to touch you up for the reception. It will make you feel more relaxed knowing I am there to make sure you and your bridal party look their absolute best even through the most emotional of days!

For Brides that aren’t big on wearing too much makeup, what would you recommend during a trial?
The biggest thing is to explain how much makeup is “not much”. Everyone’s version of natural and dramatic are different! That is what the trial is for. The trial is usually an hour and a half to 2 hours so that we can try a couple different looks, and what your version of “natural” is. I also like for my brides to take pictures all day. That way you can see what your makeup looks like on camera, which is usually different than the way it looks in the mirror!! We can still make your flaws disappear while making your eyes pop for photos. And yes… try the false lashes!!

make-up mega (1561)

What tips would you like to share to all of the beautiful brides out there?
You should look like yourself… but version 2.0 on your wedding day! Have a little bit more drama and flare than normal… but be you!! Have fun! You are allowed to be stressed until the weekend prior to the wedding, and then you have to relax, breathe, and realize you have done all you can do… so giggle, laugh, and take it all in!! At the reception, take a minute with your new sposuse to hide in the corner, and watch what is going on at the reception! It goes so fast…. before you can blink its over!


Also…. remember that each makeup artist you talk to-is an artist!!! We all see something a little different in what and how we want to bring out your features. None are wrong, but if you have a favorite way to do your makeup… tell us!! I won’t take it personally!!

For more information on Heather Wilson, visit her website:

Going Social With Your Event Florist

In 2016, it can be hard to figure out where to begin when planning your wedding! There are so many resources out there, from Pinterest to wedding blogs to WeddingWire and even simply Google. We know that Brides and Grooms are looking for vendors that not only understand their vision but also who they feel comfortable entrusting their special day to. Luckily, we’ve got social media covered, including behind the scenes looks in our studio, professional images from our events and even inspiration boards. All of the ways you can read up on Your Event Florist are listed below, make sure to follow us our your favorite social media platforms to stay up to date with Your Event Florist.

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Love Is Love

With all of the terrible things going on in the world these days, sometimes it can be hard to see the good that is right in front of us. There is one simple fact to remember when times get tough, Love is Love. We stand by our brothers and sisters in Orlando and pray for peace, reverence and healing.  Instead of letting the negative change us, we want to remain positive that Love comes in all forms and should be honored and embraced for it’s pureness. The ultimate act of love and marriage surrounds our business everyday and we thought it would be good to share some LOVE with the world!

Images Clockwise Starting With Top Left: Ryan Nicole Photography, Ryan & Denise Photography, Ryan Nicole Photography, Melissa Jill Photography, Kimberly Jarman Photography, and Eyes2See Photography.
Images via Pinterest/Love is Love

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” – Nelson Mandela

The Life Of A Bride-To-Be Part 4: Timeless Floral Designs

Finding a florist for your wedding is one of the most important vendors to find, connect with and trust their creativeness! Can you imagine images from the reception without centerpieces or a bride without her bouquet? Of course not. Flowers are one of the constants that have remained in the wedding world since Day One. Now I may of had it easy when deciding on a florist for my wedding since I work for Your Event Florist. However, Kevin and Shawna (owners) never once pressured me into using them. Let’s face it though, after working for them for over a year I knew that no one else could even come close to executing my wedding day vision better than the Your Event Florist design team.

Going into my consultation with Kevin was really exciting for me! I invited both my mom and mother-in-law to be as well so they could be a part of the process. Working in their front office as their Social Media Coordinator, I had never seen Kevin on the “vendor” side, so this was a new experience.  To begin the process, so they could see what I wanted, what I liked, they suggested I bring in inspiration photos of floral and style of decor to be able to visualize my design aesthetic.  That is what makes them stand out, in my opinion based on my other friends experiences with different vendors when they were planning their wedding, they never told me what I wanted, they listened to what ideas I had and then expanded on them.


Now being a part of the wedding industry, I knew right away that I didn’t want a Pinterest-clone wedding. I wanted something one-of-a-kind, full of glamour and fun. Kevin was so fantastic at understanding my ideas; he took bits and pieces of the designs and flowers I would describe and put into words exactly what I wanted! I never doubted his skills, but being on the “Bride” side totally solidified just how talented of a designer he truly is. The two moms present were completely blown away by the meeting and were so thrilled to see Kevin took the time to talk individually about their special components, as well as important family members.

After receiving my final floral proposal, I am even more excited for my wedding day! It’s everything I could have ever dreamed. Kevin’s designs will definitely ensure my day will be unique and even more spectacular than I imagined and my bridal bouquet – I can’t even – it is going to be so gorgeous  (I may not put it down all night). One word of advice to all the Brides To Be out there – allow yourself to go into your floral design consult with an open mind, trust in whomever you select for their talent and creativeness and you will have no regrets!  Of course, my hope is that everyone uses Your Event Florist, so they too get to experience what I did!

Images by Malone Sinclaire Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Blue Eyes Productions

Everyone says that your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. Photographers have become our second set of eyes for these special moments but there is a rising trend of hiring a videographer to film weddings! Videographers provide a different view of the day, their art captures actions and feelings through the emotional stories they tell through their lens. We have never seen a wedding day trailer that didn’t make us tear up, making it mission accomplished by the many videographers of the wedding world!

BEP-2 (1)

Blue Eyes Productions is a videography company based in Scottsdale, traveling country wide capturing love stories and special moments. We wanted to take some time to get to know the company and get an industry insight into the growing role of videography in the wedding world.

Rachel + Sean Wedding Teaser at Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas | Blue Eyes Productions Wedding Videography from Blue Eyes Productions on Vimeo.

Owner Sarah Henry gave us some background on Blue Eyes Productions that she co-owns with her fiancé,

6 years ago my sister was getting married and I was helping her plan her wedding. During one of our conversations I asked her if she was going to hire a videographer and she said no because she already had a great photographer. I was shocked! I was currently finishing my Master’s Degree in Digital Cinema and spent years producing, shooting and editing videos, so I knew the value of videography. I reminded the soon-to-be bride that photographs weren’t going to capture her vows or the toasts, or even my inevitable tears throughout the day…which happened when she put on her dress, when I tried to give a speech in the limo and when my dad gave his toast at the reception! (I’m a sucker for weddings!) Finally, she agreed to let Kyle, my now fiancé, and I shoot and edit her video for her. To this day she still thanks us for capturing her wedding day and says it was the best gift anyone ever gave them! The excitement from her and her husband is the very reason we started shooting weddings and creating timeless memories for couples


What do people want to know about hiring a videographer:
A lot of couples want to know how the videography process works for the day. We work with couples to decide what is the most important events of the day for them and create packages based on that. We always tell couples that this is YOUR video, so we want it to be exactly what you want. If you want footage getting ready along with the sparkler exit from the reception, we will be there all day and capture everything in between. If you want a memory of your grandma on camera wishing you and your spouse a long and happy marriage, we can do that!

What can videography offer that photography cannot:
Photographers have always been one of the most important vendors you book for your wedding. However, videography offers something that photos can’t – the ability to relive every aspect of your wedding day, from the emotional vows from your spouse during the ceremony, to the toasts and first dance during the reception. These moments are a blur to a bride and groom the day of their wedding. Every event happens so fast and when you mix in the excitement and nerves, it’s easy to forget the special toast your dad gave you or the first words your mom said when you put on your dress. Unfortunately, these are memories a photographer just can’t capture. A wedding videographer captures those moments and allows you, your friends, family and future little ones the opportunity to relive your wedding day

Real Wedding: Dana & Braden

Elegance is the best word to describe Dana and Braden’s wedding day! Bride Dana’s garden-style bouquet was one of our favorites this year, the free form style of the jasmine vine perfectly complemented her timeless wedding gown. Sassi provided a dreamy backdrop for the day that Joshua Killeen Photography captured in these stunning images. We’re wishing these two a lifetime of happiness and so thankful we got to be a part of their special day!

Photographer Insight Into The Wedding Day

Photographers are more than just a vendor you select for your wedding, they capture the most intimate moments of the day and tell a story through their images. We wanted to check in with two extremely talented photographers, Jenn Wagner and Marnee Marriott, for some wedding day insight! Two major take-aways, avoid pinterest and hire a planner. Read on to find out more and see some of their gorgeous images!

What do you think makes the perfect wedding day photograph?

MM: When everything just comes together in a perfect magic moment… great lighting, relaxed, true emotions, and the skilled artistry of the photographer to capture the scene.


JW: The best photographs are the ones where you are relaxed and genuinely enjoying their day together. The real laughs, the joking around and being natural with each other is the best and makes for the absolute best wedding day photographs. 

What is your favorite moment to capture?

JW: My personal favorite moment to capture on a wedding day actually the one that they never knew I took. The one where a candid moment is happening, maybe laughing with a close friend at the reception, or a sweet moment with their mom while they are getting ready. I love going back through a bride and grooms day as I’m editing and think ” oh they are going to love this one because they won’t remember it even happened!!!”. That is the best. I love when brides come back and tell me their favorite photo that they didn’t know we took. 

MM: I love capturing the details because that is what makes each wedding unique and different, but my favorite moments are taking the “formal” bride and groom portraits before the ceremony.  I love when couples see each other first.  I love spending that time with them walking the grounds focusing on them and creating beautiful images they will always treasure.  I love that no one is waiting for them, no pressure to attend the reception or party, and they can just enjoy being together  – just the two of them – if it is only for an hour on their wedding day.  It’s that hour that is truly just about them.

First look or traditional aisle viewing?

MM: First look for all the reasons listed above.  

marriott 2

JW: That is such a hard one! I personally went the traditional route and waited until the aisle for my hubby to see me and I loved it! It was so special to me to have that big moment. However I do wish we would have had more portraits from our day together as the weather changed and we were freezing by the time our bride and groom portrait time came. I love love love the first look as it not only gives more time together at a totally different part of the day, but it is also such a personal and sweet moment between the bride and groom that I wish I would have had! Since I’ve seen and done both, I really don’t have a preference and feel like its a personal choice for the couple and I support either way! If a couple doesn’t decide to do a first look, I always recommend including a little more time before the wedding for photos with just the bride with her family and girls, and just the groom with his guys and family so that it saves time post wedding!

Why is it key to have a second shooter?

MM: A second shooter is to help cover all the forma pics in a timely manner, but also help cover the events of the day. It’s also a great failsafe for any equipment failure.

marriott 6

JW: Two reasons; safety and candids. Safety: if anything goes wrong there is always a second person there to make sure everything is captured. Candids – So much is always happening right behind me as I take photos; sometimes its those candids that help tell your story best. Plus the obvious moments like when you walk down the aisle but we have to get his reaction of course!

jenn 2

What makes a great wedding day?

MM: When you don’t worry about any of the details, guests, or happenings and just sit back and enjoy all the planning and you did the months leading up to the day.  It could be a $100k wedding at the Four Seasons or a backyard BBQ, if you are happy, relaxed, and truly enjoying yourself, your guests will catch that spirit and will remember a great wedding.  It has nothing to do with what you spend or the details you choose.  It has everything to do with how you act, celebrate, and experience the day.  You set the tone for your whole wedding. 

JW:  Obviously a ton goes into a great day but here are a few things some people might overlook. 

  1. A  great bridal party – people that keep you calm, make you laugh and start the dancing at the reception!  Never underestimate the power of a funny bridesmaid to keep the day light and FUN!! 
  2. Receptions where the action moves along in a great flow. For example, buffets tend to slow up the evening and having every person in your family give a speech seems sweet, but can often drag out. Receiving lines are like totally a no no and such a thing of the past. Keep things fun and moving, people want to dance, drink and socialize, plus you want a chance to go around and see people that came to your wedding so give yourself time to have fun by keeping the events moving!
  3. Incorporating “You” into your wedding. Guests and family LOVE when they get to know you as a couple during your day. Either through a pre-recorded video of you guys retelling your engagement story while they wait for the wedding to start, or personalized vows that tell your love story, or a cookie bar because you both just LOVE cookies. People dig things that are different and fun to you. 
  4. Not having to rush. Seriously. Make sure you give yourself time and trust your planner/organizer when they build in some cushion time during your day. Not every line item will go as planned and its SO nice to have that breathing space and not feel rushed on what is supposed to be a fun day! 

How can brides better prepare for getting their picture taken all day?

MM: Figure out what is the most important pictures… and focus on that… a good photographer will be able to capture the rest of the day through candid shots so you don’t have to feel like it is monopolizing your time.  Your day should not be scripted or posed – let it unfold as it should naturally.  

marriott 3

JW: DO a hair and makeup trial with a professional! Find the look you want! DON’T try and do it yourself or “have a friend with a lot of makeup” do your wedding day look. No. DO have your maid of honor carry around a ‘touch up bag” for you, with hairspray, lipgloss, and the things you need during the day. DON’T expect your makeup to last all day, especially into portrait time after the wedding. You’ll need a freshen up before that time. DON’T starve yourself and not eat on your wedding day bc you want to “look slimmer”. That is the worst and makes you cranky, eat something woman! Eat a healthy but fulfilling meal. It will make you feel so much better and it shows in the photos; when you feel good you look good! DO know and understand that your dress won’t stay perfect all day. We do our best to keep it pristine before the wedding, but chances are you’ll get it a little wrinkled or dusty a bit as you walk around, get in and out of a car etc.  DON’T freak out about it. No one else will notice! They’ll be too busy looking at your pretty face!

What would you say to a Bride who thinks they are not photogenic?

MM: I tell them its a good thing they hired me so they don’t have to worry about it… that’s my job to make them look great!  A good photographer knows the best angles and lighting for every body type… it is our job to find the most flattering way to showcase our clients

marriott 5

JW:   I have had everything, from blinkers, to stiff Stanley’s to ” I HATE THE CAMERA”… and yet if you look through my blog you could never pick out who those people are. Photos aren’t about being photogenic, its about being comfortable and being yourself. Make sure you hire a photographer that makes you feel YOU and comfortable from the get go, even at your first meeting and over the phone! If you don’t connect, that’s okay, but your photog is a key person on your big day that you want to have good reporte with! And that’s it, the good photos will come!


What is one piece of advice you would give for couples planning their wedding?

MM: Have fun!  Don’t look at pinterest… don’t be pressured to do things because everyone else does.  It’s your day and make it unique and special to you.  You can do whatever you want.  I have so many couples in the last couple years that want to create a pinterest perfect wedding and create images that shine on social media.  That’s all great, but that should not be the primary focus.  When your focus is on the important event – the marriage – everything else seems to fall into place.  When your focus is on the details, it can ruin your day when something isn’t exactly right.  

JW:  Hire a planner. Unless this is your second marriage, then this is the first time you are probably ever planning a major event complete with a ceremony, processional, dinner, cocktail hour, clothing for yourself and your bridal party, venue, music, and 1000 other decisions that can get very overwhelming! Wedding planners are not only organized and can help you stress less about your day, but can also SAVE you money! Believe it or not they know tons of vendors and can actually find you the best deal for your budget as they know best prices, seasonal best picks and have hook ups with local companies! DO IT! Lots of planners do everything from just day- of organizing, to complete planning of your day down to the napkin holder. I have recommendations for any brides looking to get help with their planning!


Pantone Colors Of The Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Rose Quartz and Serenity, could Pantone have picked more whimsical colors for 2016? We’re sure glad they didn’t! Rose Quartz and Serenity stand seamlessly on their own, but when you pair them together, it is pure wedding palette bliss! We’re totally in love with combination and cannot wait to see more couples incorporate them into their wedding day. We checked out Pinterest and some our past wedding designs to find some inspiration for design and we were not disappointed. Check out some of the magical ways to bring Rose Quartz and Serenity into your wedding day!